Kriegers Flak offshore windfarm

In late summer 2016, Arkil will lay a total of 112 km of underground cable for, a Danish energy company. The project is part of the construction of the large Kriegers Flak wind farm.


Project period
2016 - 2018
Contract sum
65 mill. Danish kroner

Cable laid from Rødvig to Jyllinge

Arkil has been awarded the main contract from for the installation of 112 km of cable from the towns of Rødvig to Jyllinge.

The work will be carried out in late summer 2016, from Tolstrup Gårde and west to Bjæverskov. In 2017, the project will continue along the stretch between Rødvig and Tolstrup Gårde, and then continue towards the town of Ishøj. The final stretch will be completed in 2018, between Ishøj and Hovedgård, near Jyllinge, Denmark.

Wind farm to secure future energy needs

A 600 MW wind farm is scheduled to be built on Krigers Flak, an offshore facility located in the Baltic Sea between Møn, Southern Sweden and Northern Germany. The Danish section of Krigers Flak is 180 square metres in size.

The laying of the underground cable, for which Arkil has been awarded the main contract, consists of two 27 km parallel cables running from Rødvig to Tolstrup Gårde. From Tolstrup Gårde, a 10 km connection will be made to Bjæverskov, as well as a 40 km connection to Ishøj. Each stretch will consist of 220 kV cables. Furthermore, an 18 km, 400 kV connection will be established between Ishøj and Hovedgård, near the town of Jyllinge.

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