Thy-Mors cable installation

3,000 km of high-voltage lines in Denmark need to be replaced with underground cables. Arkil has been contracted by to install underground cables on the island of Mors and in the town of Salling.


Project period
Contract sum
20.9 mio. kroner

We lay the long cables

Arkil has been awarded several turnkey cable installation contracts by The extensive work of installing high-voltage underground cables is now underway in the Thy-Mors area in Denmark, where Arkil has been awarded two separate contracts: The first involves a 20 km installation between the towns of Sinbjerg and Roslev, and the second is for a 23 km installation from Roslev to Bilstrup, on the islands of Salling and Mors, respectively. 

1500 m electrical cables

The 1,500 m cables must be handled with extreme caution. The installation is divided into 13 segments, and stretches of up to 10 km are being installed in a single workday. Naturally, this places demands on logistics and project overview.



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