Esbjerg Harbour

Over the last couple of years, Esbjerg Harbour has seen a significant increase in activity.

Arkil Stürup has thus been contracted to perform several surfacing and sewer maintenance assignments, as well as expansion work for Esbjerg Harbour.


Project period
2011 | 2012-2014
Esbjerg Havn
Contract sum
4,5 mill. Danish kroner | 58,5 mill. Danish kroner

Expansion of the east harbour

In order to meet increasing demand for suitable harbour facilities, Esbjerg Harbour decided a couple of years ago to expand the East Harbour.

In connection with the public works, 2 million m3 of sand was shipped to the site and used to establish the reclaimed area.

An additional 550,000 tonnes of crushed granite was processed in connection with the surfacing of the new harbour area.

55,000 tonnes of blast stone were used to build the piers and slopes, and Arkil also rebuilt and extended a 600 m drainage outlet as part of the project. Finally, a roadway and appertaining drainage outlet were also built.


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