From hazardous wasteland to recreation area

Arkil Construction has collaborated with Arkil Miljøteknik and Arkil Fundering to convert a hazardous waste disposal site managed by Kommunekemi into a recreational area, which in time will be available for public use.

Three companies ‒ Finland's Ekokem, Sweden's Sakab and Denmark's NORD ‒ have merged to become a single Nordic environmental enterprise, under the name of Ekokem.


Project period
2014 - 2015
Nordgroup nu Ekokem
Contract sum
9.2 mill. Danish kroner

Environmental rehabilitation

There are hiking trails throughout the entire area, and wetlands, rocky outcrops and caves have been established as ideal homes for the local toad population. Public access to the area is scheduled for 2017. To ensure the area is and remains presentable when the public arrives, Arkil has also been contracted for two years to tend to the grass, trees and shrubbery, and to keep the area free of litter.

Contamination not welcome

In order for the area near Klintholm to become safe for public use ‒ and not least to bloom again as an attractive natural refuge ‒ a total of 25,000 m3 of waste consisting of slag, filter cake and ash had to be moved. Around 90,000 of the total 150,000 m2 were affected by the clean-up effort.

One metre of subsoil was laid on top of all the waste, and the soil itself was fully tested for contamination. Furthermore, 30,000 m2 of mixed gravel was laid 15 cm beneath the subsoil. And beneath the gravel mix, a 20,000 m2 plastic membrane was laid and bonded to the membrane encapsulating the waste.

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