Gentofte sportspark overflow reservoir

Arkil Construction, together with Arkil Foundation & Marine Works, constructed an overflow reservoir at Gentofte Sportspark for the developer, Nordvand A/S. The round reservoir is 2,500 m2 and replaces the original square pipe reservoir from 1965.   


Project period
Nordvand A/S
Contract sum
25.8 mill. Danish kroner

Unique overflow reservoir

The round overflow reservoir in Gentofte was needed to replace an old rainwater reservoir from 1965, and a new pump shaft, pump house and overflow spillway had to be installed.

Next, the old pipe reservoir was filled with a total of 1,700 m3 of pipe-filling concrete.

Arkil Foundation & Marine Works performed all of the sheet wall and piling work in connection with the reservoir's construction.


Collaboration between Foundation og construction

The construction work was carried out by Arkil Construction and Arkil Foundation & Marine Works carried out all of the sheet wall and piling work in connection with the building of the round overflow reservoir.


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