House of music Aalborg

Arkil Construction and Arkil Foundation collaborated in Aalborg, Denmark, to provide the excavation work for the construction of the House of Music, the city's future concert venue for classical music and waterfront landmark.



Project period
2010 - 2013 | 2013-2014
Fonden Musikkens Hus
Contract sum
37 mill. | 13.8 mill. Danish kroner

Excavation work

Arkil was awarded the general contract in 2010 to perform the excavation work and maintain the building site during the construction of the House of Music Aalborg. Arkil Construction and Arkil Foundation collaborated on the project, which entailed establishing trenches, breaking down and disposing of the existing foundations, groundwater lowering and keeping the excavation pits dry, as well as drilling 16 relief holes at 24 m depth.


Along the way, a total of 2,100 concrete piles had to be driven into the ground to depths of between 16 and 24 m. Furthermore, the area around the foundations and basement walls had to be filled, and a rain and wastewater drainage system had to be established, including the installation of four pump wells. The contract also entailed construction site maintenance for the site managers and the installation of lighting and electricity.

Areas around the house of music

In 2013–14, Arkil also worked on the roads surrounding the House of Music Aalborg. This contract comprised roadworks on Nyhavnsgade, Stuhrsvej and sections of the area around the concert venue.

Earthwork, drainage and asphalt work by volume (approximate figures): 1,800 m2 of granite kerbstone; 800 m2 of granite surfacing; 1,100 m2 of paving; 28,000 m2 of asphalt; 140 m of sheet piling; 850 m of weathering steel for border; 900 m2 of root-friendly surfacing for planting.

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