Randersvej priority bus lane

Arkil Construction completed a bus prioritisation project on Ringvej 01 for the Municipality of Aarhus. Bus lanes were established on Randersvej, and the road was also extended to the east and west.


Project period
Municipality of Aarhus
Contract sum
36 mill. Danish kroner

Comprehensive road work

Arkil was responsible for the comprehensive reconfiguration of the existing traffic lanes, sewer and water mains work, and the installation of lighting and cables. The project also included laying of granite and concrete kerbstone, as well as pavement tiles, including sett and paving stones. Finally, noise screens made of steel, wood and glass were supplied and constructed.

For Aarhus Vand, extensive excavation and installation work was performed when establishing drinking water mains, just as Arkil reinstalled district heating mains for AffaldVarme, a Danish energy-from-waste plant.

We manage traffic and information

During the entire construction period, the flow of traffic at Randersvej, a busy local road, had to be maintained in both directions, and traffic planning and management were therefore an important part of the project. Together with the Municipality of Aarhus, Arkil also had chief responsibility for the flow and management of information directed towards private citizens, business owners and drivers.

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