Bridge project for Banedanmark

As part of Banedanmark's (the Danish railway network) electrification of the stretch of railway between Esbjerg and Lunderskov, Arkil Bro & Beton completed a comprehensive bridge project in Esbjerg in 2015.


Project period
The Danish railway network (Banedanmark)
Contract sum
6,7 mill. Danish kroner

Avanced brigde project

Arkil completed one of several large-scale bridge construction projects for Banedanmark in 2015. At Storegade in Esbjerg, a new and higher bridge was needed, while the track was to be lowered by about 70 cm. The construction of the new bridge was unique, as the lengths of two bridge walls are staggered by 20 m in relation to one another. The bridge was cast in situ, roughly 85 m from its final position. It was then pushed into place over the course of a full day using 21 hydraulic jacks, which moved the 73 m bridge into position over the railway track at Storegade.


The bridge project encompassed

  • Lifting/lowering 440 m track
  • Demolition of old bridge
  • Formwork for new bridge
  • 150 m of sheet piling driving
  • Excavation/reinforcement and moulding of 150 m push foundations
  • Installation of 21 hydraulic jacks for raising the bridge
  • Installation of lifting equipment
  • Launch of new bridge 83 m from final position
  • Laying crushed stone and installation of 440 m track
  • Track adjustment and clean-up

Watch massive bridge being pushed into place in 30 seconds

In Esbjerg, the 3,500 tonne bridge over Storegade was pushed into place in early July 2015. The ordeal lasted more than 18 hours, but in this time-lapse video you can see the entire process boiled down to just 30 seconds.

Using 21 hydraulic jacks, the bridge was lifted and pushed 73 m to its final position, after which it was lowered into place.

As part of the electrification of the stretch of railway between Esbjerg and Lunderskov, Banedanmark is currently replacing or rebuilding ten bridges in order to make room for the electrical power systems.

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