Comprehensive bridge project on Lolland

Arkil is constructing 18 new roadway bridges on the railway line between Orehoved and Rødby, on the Danish islands of Lolland and Falster. The stretch of railway is set to be expanded from one to two lanes and electrified.



Project period
Contract sum
176 mio. kroner

New roadway bridges across all of Lolland

In connection with the construction of the permanent Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, the 18 new roadway bridges must be adjusted in terms of length so that there is room to lay tracks, as well as height so there is room for traction current. Arkil is constructing the 18 new bridges as part of a turnkey project, and the contract also includes the construction of a new roadside embankment and the dismantling of 17 existing bridges.

Tight schedule

The bridges must be completed within a tight schedule and with the least possible inconvenience to local traffic. As such, the bridge decks are being built using premoulded concrete elements. This solution was chosen because it provides the highest degree of security and the least amount of inconvenience to both road and railway traffic. At the same time, the tracks will only be closed for the period of time when the elements are being lifted into place. The construction method demands very detailed planning. In 2011, Arkil completed a similar project for Banedanmark in the town of Taulov, Denmark, where a railway bridge was built using premoulded elements.



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Arkil Rail is responsible for railway safety in the project.

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