Næstved bypass - Suså river

Arkil has been contracted for the 500 m expansion of the Næstved Bypass, which is part of the road link that connects the towns of Rettestrup and Rønnede.

The project includes three bridges that span the Suså River, the Sydbanen railway and a local street, Ringstedgade.


Project period
Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet)
Contract sum
113 mill. Danish kroner

Roads and three bridges

The Næstved Bypass project comprises the construction of the actual road and three bridges, as well as the extension of the Vasegrøften stream. The bridge spanning the pasture area through which Suså River flows has been raised to 12 m above ground level.

The Suså Bridge is being built in an area protected by the Danish Nature Protection Act Section 3. This means there are stringent requirements regarding the protection of both Suså River and the nearby canoe launch. The local environment is to be protected among other ways by embanking the entire work area to prevent sediment entering the waterway. A screen will also be set up over the river to prevent those using it from being struck by falling objects.

Interdepartmental cooperation

Arkil consists of several different divisions and therefore has the competencies needed to complete projects from a wide range of construction and engineering fields ‒ including everything from bridges and concrete, to environmental engineering, asphalt and railways. All departments within the Arkil organisation collaborate in order to benefit from the different available resources, whenever doing so makes sense to the project at hand. The following departments worked together on the Suså River project:

Arkil Bridge & Concrete

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