Spuns Syd - tunnel

In 2013, Arkil entered into a contract with the Danish Road Directorate to construct a section of the motorway connecting the cities of Aarhus and Herning, which passes through the city of Silkeborg.


Project period
The Danish Road Directorate
Contract sum
345 mill. Danish kroner

Turnkey contract

The assignment encompasses the planning, completion and construction of the turnkey project, which has been named "Spuns Syd" in reference to the section of the future motorway connecting Aarhus and Herning, and which will pass through the city of Silkeborg.

The stretch of motorway is approximately 1.1 km in length, and is being constructed in an embedded trough that is partially covered along a 325-metre stretch near the Søholt Athletics Stadium. A total of 2.7 km of braced sheet piling will be installed along the stretch of motorway, and a fixed base will be cast in the entire trough to secure the passage against penetrating groundwater.

During the excavation and laying of concrete, the routing of the road was kept dry using a vacuum drainage system, and groundwater lowering was established during the mains construction work outside of the section. Approximately 2,000,000 m3 of groundwater was managed under controlled conditions and routed to the lake of Silkeborg Langsø.

Joint Venture partnership

The project is a turnkey contract of a total of 345 million Danish kroner, and it is being carried out as a joint venture in which Arkil's share totals approx. 295 million Danish kroner. The remaining work consists of a special sheet pile wall that is being constructed by the German foundation specialist Bilfinger Spezialtiefbau GmbH.

The contract also includes lighting, fire prevention and ventilation systems in the enclosed part of the passage, as well as the establishment of multiple rainwater basins.

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