Innovation in groundwater lowering

Arkil Construction is constructing a 4.1 km wastewater conduit near the town of Hvidovre.

The new conduit will collect wastewater from the existing sewage mains in the residential area along Damhus Lake, between the Holbæk Motorway and the Old Køge Road.



Project period
Hofor Spildevand Hvidovre A/S
Contract sum
245,9 mill. Danish kroner

Climate control with tunnelling

The underground rainwater reservoir has a capacity of over 15,000 m3. The reservoir is designed to quickly collect rainwater in order to protect houses in the area from future flooding caused by precipitation, and to prevent rain and wastewater from flowing into nearby Damhus Lake.

The contract comprises the tunnelling of a 3.1 km conduit and the installation of 1 km pipeline (dia. 2000) in an open trench. The contract also entails the construction of 19 concrete structures along the conduit, all of which will be embedded in 8–10 m pits surrounded by secant piles that will be drilled and cast 12 m below the surface.

Groundwater lowering

Arkil Enviromental technology will undertake the groundwater lowering and reinfiltration of the groundwater pumped up to the surface. Among other things, this entails drilling more than 200 holes along the segment and installing 5.3 km of 4–5 m high steel pipes, which will be secured to specially designed steel masts and anchoring masts.

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