Thermal remediation of oil contaminated soil at former naval base Grønnedal

During the summer of 2019 Arkil performed a pilot scale remediation project at the former naval base of Grønnedal with the purpose of demonstrating that thermal desorption (ESTD) can work under Arctic conditions (short summer, difficult logistics). Grønnedal is located in the Arsuk Fjord in the Southwestern part of Greenland. 



Project period
Danish Ministry of Defence Estage Agency
Contract sum
4.15 mill. Danish kroner

Contaminants removed by heating and ventilating

Arkil used "Smart Burners" to heat the contaminated soil to the target temperature of 325 degrees Celcius where all contaminants have moved into the gas phase. The contaminated vapors are extracted from the soil matrix and oxidized in the burners which eliminates the requirement of a treatment facility.

It took four weeks to build and test the treatment plant, and the work was conducted by three technicians from Arkil. An air tight metal box with three separated chambers containing three different types of oil contaminated soils (contaminated by heli fuel, marine diesel and lubricants, respectively) was fitted with six heating tubes and sensors for measuring temperature and pressure as well as outlets for taking both gas and soil samples. During the operational phase lasting one month two technicians adjusted the burners and performed a large amount of sampling required for the pilot test at different temperatures. The clean soil was returned and all materials returned to Denmark leaving nothing on the site.

The entire project including building, operations, and disassembly took less than three months. 





Cooperation was key to success

The client was the Danish Ministry of Defence Estage Agency with NIRAS serving as advisor to the client. The plant was designed by Arkil and uses Smart Burners from Belgian subcontractor Haemers Technologies.

The pilot scale experiment was a success and showed that ESTD with Smart Burners can remove soil pollution efficiently and that it is possible to build and operate the plant in the short Arctic summer. 

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