Marselis Boulevard - Åhavevej

As part of the ASC Consortium (between Arkil, Stürup and CG Jensen), Arkil helped carry the comprehensive redesign of Marselis Boulevard in Aarhus, Denmark. The first phase of the project consisted of redirecting Åhavevej from the motorway in towards Marselis Boulevard.


Project period
Municipality of Aarhus
Contract sum
222.5 mill. Danish kroner

Key traffic junction

The reconfiguration of Åhavevej outside of Viby was a comprehensive project which included re-routing the affected stretch of motorway, the expansion of Åhavevej from two to four lanes, the renovation of Viby Ringvej, a free-flow interchange at the Viby Ringvej-Åhavevej crossing, and a free-flow interchange at Viby Ringvej and Brabrandstien/Rugholmvej. A footbridge was also built across Åhavevej at Langenæs, and the railway bridges were replaced as well.

Åhavevej, Viby Ringvej and the connection to the motorway are key traffic hubs in Aarhus. This meant that the project attracted a great deal of attention from motorists, local businesses and residents. Traffic management and information were therefore given high priority, and we actively contributed to ensure that the Municipality of Aarhus' goal of minimal disruption to motorists and residents was met.

Replacement of bridges

Two railway bridges and a footbridge at Langenæs were replaced as part of the Marselis Boulevard project. All three bridges were cast over Åhavevej and subsequently pushed into place. The railway bridges had to be pushed into place during brief intervals when there was no train traffic. The tracks were not taken out of service at any time. The work also required short-term road closures on Åhavevej. All three bridges were successfully pushed into place as planned, much to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Arkil Asfalt laid 45,000 tonnes of asphalt from the company's plant in Hasselager.

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