Rødby Habour

In autumn 2015, as a direct result of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link construction project, Arkil Foundation & Marine Works was contracted to renovate and expand the Rødby Harbour for the Municipality of Lolland.



Project period
Municipality of Lolland
Contract sum
5 mill. Danish kroner

Rødby Harbour readied for immersted tunnel project

The expansion of the harbour consisted of an extension of the existing sheet piling on pier 4, as well as the renovation of pier 10. The renovation consisted primarily of establishing a new hydraulic hammer. The contract also included the excavation of a stone embankment and removal of timber chock, framing the sheet piling, anchoring the sheet piling wall, installing anchor plates and filling in the area behind the sheet piling wall.


Renovation of pier 10

Pier 10 was also renovated by approx. 15 linear metres. The work consisted of excavating to check for leakage, removing the old fenders and fender piles, casting a pier wall and re-establishing the asphalt surface.

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