Skovshoved Harbour

Arkil Foundation & Marine Works has been contracted to expand the old Skovshoved Harbour to twice its current size, while establishing a new recreational area for the town's inhabitants and yachtsmen.


Project period
2014 - 2016
Municipality of Gentofte
Contract sum
117 mill. Danish kroner

Arkil expands Skovshoved Harbour

The work for which Arkil has been contracted by Gentofte Municipality consists of breaking down the existing piers and sea wall, and then rebuilding and expanding the existing harbour. Some 11,500 tonnes of marine rubble and 36,000 m3 of sand will be reused in the new structures. An additional 90,000 tonnes of broken rock and 65,000 m3 fill material will also be incorporated in the new design.

Comprehensive concrete work

The work being carried out by Arkil Foundation & Marine Works at Skovshoved Harbour includes the framing of a 1,000 linear metre sheet piling wall, 1,700 wooden piles for bridge construction, mooring piles and other structures.

The concrete work ‒ which includes the construction of wave breakers, a concrete promenade, stairways, boat launches and more ‒ will commence once the piers have been constructed and the stone work is complete.

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