Sluice in Vejle reservoir

In 2015–16, Arkil Foundation & Marine Works was subcontracted by Arkil A/S to install sheet piling and perform pile driving work as part of the construction of a new sluice and pumping system which connected a reservoir in Vejle, Denmark, to the Vejle River in the city centre.


Project period
TC Anlæg A/S
Contract sum
5.0 mill. Danish kroner

Sheet piling and pile driving

Sheet piling project
Compacting by vibration and subsequent 160 linear metres of pulling. Steel sheet piling, 10 - 21 m in length.

Installation of stretch levelling and anchored sheet pile wall.

Piling project

Driving of raking piles, 25x25 cm and 30x30 cm, 16 - 21 m in length.
Driving 4 heat-galvanised steel pipes, 16 m in length to floating bridge.

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