Partnering agreement Aabenraa Utility Company

In 2014, Arkil entered into a four-year partnership agreement with Arwos A/S and Rambøll on the renovation of sewers in the Danish municipality of Aabenraa.


Project period
Arwos A/S
Contract sum
80 mill. Danish kroner

Renovation of primary sewage mains

Arwos A/S, a utility company of Aabenraa Municipality, has entered into a partnership agreement with Arkil on the comprehensive renovation of the sewers in the city's centre. The sewers are in a poor condition in many areas, and they must also be adapted to meet today's increasing volumes of precipitation.

A preliminary total of 16 sewer renovation projects have been targeted throughout the entire city of Aabenraa.


Partnering and process

With the Partneringprojektet between Arkil, Arwos og Rambøll, the partners will:

  • Implement an effective process to ensure that each party meets established qualitative, time-related and financial goals.

  • Work with a transparent budget and finances.

  • Measure results and gather experiences for use in the ongoing improvement of the process and product.

  • Carry out the process in a close collaboration based on involvement, transparency, honesty and mutual respect.

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