Partnering agreement with Aarhus Vand

Arkil has entered into a large-scale, six-year partnership agreement with Aarhus Vand, the municipal water department of Aarhus, Denmark, on sewage separation and the implementation of a number of operational assignments. In general terms, the contract is a six-year framework agreement through which drinking and wastewater mains will be renewed on the south side of Aarhus, and a number of operational assignments will be completed on the city's water mains. The contract sum totals 44 million Danish kroner (DKK) annually for the six years of the framework agreement's duration.


Project period
Aarhus Vand
Contract sum
264 mill. Danish kroner

Long-term project

The partnering project with Aarhus Vand is currently in the start-up phase, and Arkil has established itself in the nearby town of Beder, from which the project will be managed and coordinated. The overall aim of the project is to supply water and wastewater mains throughout all of southern Aarhus.

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