Our career opportunities consist of several possible paths, and it is up to you to choose the one that suits you and your ambitions.


Whether you have the drive and potential to become a manager, are project-oriented or hold a special position at Arkil, it is our goal to support your development so that you are constantly able to grow, both for the benefit of your career as well as for the company.


As a new employee, it is important that you quickly gain insight into Arkil's history, culture, values and policies. We have therefore developed a training programme to ensure that you are fully prepared to assume your position and responsibilities.

The project path

The project path is for those who wish to develop and become managers of both smaller and large-scale, more complex projects.

There are significant differences between the various projects at Arkil, but all of them require a high level of overview, knowledge and skill in order to lead and communicate effectively with others.

Meet Rasmus, who has taken the project path at Arkil
At Arkil, you'll find both responsibilities and challenges. Hear what Rasmus' daily work is like.


The management path

The management path is for those who want to focus more on leading and developing people, teams or larger project groups at Arkil. As the projects themselves become increasingly complex, it is important that our managers are well prepared to lead both projects and people.


The specialist path

As a specialist at Arkil, you occupy a key position. If you would like to develop even more within your specific area, Arkil is here to fully support you, both for the benefit of your professional development as well as for your daily work at the company.

Meet Michael, who has taken the specialist path at Arkil
Michael is a designer who works with 3D project planning at Arkil, and you can meet him here.

The career path

The career path is designed for those who would like to change roles within the company.

Together, we will prepare a development plan that is based on your daily challenges and the goals which we set for your ongoing professional growth.

Meet Jannik, who has taken the career path at Arkil
Hear about Jannik's journey from young contract manager to head of department at Arkil.

The study path

The study path is for those who would like to apply for an internship or traineeship. At Arkil we would be happy to provide you with professional guidance and a sounding board.

Engineering students

If you are an engineering student in search of an internship, you are more than welcome to apply to us.

Engineering students


If you are searching for a traineeship, you are more than welcome to visit our trainee universe, where you can read more about the programmes we offer for civil works builders, construction workers and pavers.

We also offer office traineeships, as well as traineeships in asphalt laying and machine operation.


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