Arkil carries out many large, exciting infrastructure projects throughout Denmark. Here you can see a small selection of our previous work to gain insight into our operations.

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For 75 years, Arkil has worked with large-scale infrastructure projects in Denmark and most of Northern Europe.

Arkil works on traditional asphalt and construction jobs, as well as on more complex infrastructure projects such as bridge building, motorway construction, railway work, harbour projects, environmental projects and tunnel construction.

In our new profile video, you can learn about one of Denmark's largest construction groups.

Damhusledningen: Gro broke through the wall in Sønderkær, Hvidovre

Damhusledningen is a climate-proofing project including over 3 km tunnel conduit that secures against flooding.

The 9th of November 2016 Arkil reached another milestone in the project. After 8 months of work and a 1 km journey “Gro”, the tunnel drilling machine, broke through the wall in Sønderkær, Hvidovre.

Thus far Arkil has drilled 2,1 km tunnel. The next task for “Gro” is additionally drilling of 470 meters.

Watch a bridge be cast in 22 hours

Sometimes, size is essential. And the bridge bearing the clinical name "TP 45 S BRA-10" was indeed a large project for Arkil Bro & Beton, when it was cast in September in just 22 hours.

When finished, the bridge will lead the new Danish high-speed rail link between the towns of Ringsted and Femern over the new line to Køge Nord. The bridge is over 40 m in length and 7 m wide, and it was cast in situ in 22 hours. Two 32-man teams were assigned to the project and were supported by two laboratory vehicles and four pumps, all of which worked non-stop to fill the bridge's total 1,240 m3 of concrete.

Watch massive bridge being pushed into place in 30 seconds

In Esbjerg, the 3,500 tonne bridge over Storegade was pushed into place in early July 2015. The ordeal lasted more than 18 hours, but in this time-lapse video you can see the entire process boiled down to just 30 seconds.

Using 21 hydraulic jacks, the bridge was lifted and pushed 73 m to its final position, after which it was lowered into place.

As part of the electrification of the stretch of railway between Esbjerg and Lunderskov, Banedanmark is currently replacing or rebuilding ten bridges in order to make room for the electrical power systems.

Power cables laid underground

3,000 km of high-voltage lines in Denmark need to be replaced with underground cables. Arkil has been contracted by, a Danish energy company, to install underground cables on the island of Mors and in the town of Salling ‒ a project that must be carried out with extreme caution.

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