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Arkil carries out a significant portion of its activities beyond Danish borders and has a long, successful history of operating internationally.

Arkil established itself abroad by the early 1950s, when the company's founder, Ove Arkil, saw huge opportunities in Germany and the need to rebuild the country's infrastructure.

Today, Arkil has subsidiaries in Germany, Ireland and Sweden, and the group carries out projects in a long list of countries, both in Europe and beyond.


Since the 1950s, Arkil has enjoyed a great deal of success with both construction and asphalt projects in Northern Germany. Today Arkil owns a number of asphalt plants in production partnerships as well as several construction departments. One of Arkil's subsidiaries, Arkil Inpipe GmbH, also performs sewer renovation using the sliplining process.


Arkil's Irish subsidiary, Arkil Ltd., was founded in the 1990s, and today Arkil owns and operates several quarries and asphalt plants in Ireland.


In 1999, Arkil acquired the company Inpipe Sweden AB and its factory in Vilhelmina, in Northern Sweden. The Swedish factory performs sewer renovation by installing a slipline made of fibreglass and polyester, which is particularly practical in big cities where it is often costly and time-consuming to excavate old, worn-out sewage pipes. In Denmark, Inpipe is represented by the company Inpipe Danmark A/S.



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