Safety for all

A safe and healthy working environment is a prerequisite for ensuring personal development and well-being. At Arkil, we are committed to complying with applicable laws and safety regulations, just as we incorporate health and safety considerations into all processes and projects – from the planning to the execution phases. Arkil has set a clear goal of being one of the safest workplaces in the construction sector.

Accidents must be prevented

The overall purpose of Arkil's working environment policy is to reduce the number of work-related accidents and to thereby ensure that no one is exposed to unnecessary risks while they are at work. Arkil gives high priority to the working environment via a number of training and educational courses. The mandatory working environment training is prepared in a partnership between Arkil and a health and safety consultant, so that the training material is based on conditions specific to Arkil.

Arkil has increased its focus on follow-up and preventive work, among other ways by implementing an e-learning course and a strong working environment committee consisting of employees from all Arkil divisions. Furthermore, we regularly offer e-learning courses that all employees must complete. Finally, reporting near-misses is an important tool used to reduce the number of work-related accidents.

It is our wish to be and remain an attractive workplace at which the working environment, well-being and ongoing personal development are paramount.










Head of occupational safety, environment and quality
Tina Thaarup Jakobsen
Phone +45 41 66 42 71 


At Arkil, everyone – which includes employees new and old – must complete an e-learning course. The course has been introduced throughout the entire Arkil Group. The e-learning course addresses health and safety in the working environment and consists of a 25-minute film and a number of safety-related questions.

Near misses

The reporting of near misses is seen as an important means of preventing accidents, and we work systematically every day to record and learn from such near misses.

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