We handle complex contamination and deliver a cleaner environment

For more than 20 years, Arkil has acquired a high level of expertise in soil remediation, and we have significant experience of working with several different clean-up techniques.

Arkil Miljøteknik specialises in in-situ remediation projects in which the soil is washed directly without extensive digging.

In connection with construction, foundation work and tunnelling projects, Arkil Miljøteknik also performs groundwater lowering for other Arkil divisions. Arkil's groundwater lowering division has many years of experience and expertise in establishing both small and large systems designed to keep excavations dry when working below the natural water table. Arkil Miljøteknik has traditional groundwater lowering equipment at its disposal, as well as other equipment used for both drilling and water purification systems.

We develop new cleaning methods for contamination

We offer effective methods for contamination clean-up or remediation measures, regardless of the type and extent of contamination, and even if contamination seeps in under nearby buildings. The disposal and deposit of sludge and bottom sediment poses an increasingly challenging problem for port authorities in Denmark.

Many ports in Denmark have deposited sludge in rinse basins near the coast, which, due to the soft harbour bed or great depths, can be difficult to encase and seal using traditional methods. Arkil Miljøteknik has therefore developed a special "sludge mix" technique in which the sludge is stabilised by adding cement, which gives it the same consistency as clay. The contaminated sludge is then encapsulated. Arkil also uses cement stabilisation in other building projects where there are problems with marshy soil or soft base soil conditions.

Track bed analysis

Arkil Miljøteknik has specialised in studying the track bed beneath the Danish railway network. The research is carried out using our own track-operated equipment and specially developed drilling gear, which allows us to take core samples of chippings and from the underlying layer, as well as to test the environment for contamination. Furthermore, the equipment is well suited for geotechnical drilling and filtered drilling operations. Arkil Miljøteknik also has ground-penetrating radar equipment that can be used to detect hidden concrete structures and mains beneath the track bed.





Kim Rikard Jensen
Prodution manager

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Arkil Miljøteknik specialises in problematic environmental remediation projects, ground water lowering, stabilisation and track bed analysis.

  • Drilling to obtain intact core samples

  • Complicated excavation projects at great depths

  • Drilling close to/underneath buildings

  • Air sparging and vacuum ventilation

  • Injection techniques, e.g. chemical and

  • Biological products/clean-up

  • Thermal clean-up (steam/TPS)

  • Groundwater pumping and cleansing

  • Stabilisation and sealing of landfills

  • Groundwater lowering
  • Cement stabilisation
  • Reinfiltration

  • Soil probe and core samples in track bed

  • Geotechnical drilling and ground-penetrating radar

Enviromental engineering

Clean-up of Kærgård Plantage

Arkil completed one of Denmark's largest environmental remediation projects at Kærgård Plantation.

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Project period
2008-2009 og 2014-2015
Region of Southern Denmark
Contract sum
20,7 og 16,5 mill. Danish kroner


An underground rain water reservoir

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