We maintain roads and green areas

Arkil Road Services is one of the largest private road service and maintenance providers in Denmark, and we are responsible for a long list of state and municipal road throughout the country. We have years of experience of working under public-private partnerships with entities such as Greve Mucicipality and we recently entered into an operating contract with Tønder Mucicipality's parks and roads department.

We provide full-line solutions 

Arkil Road Services works with road operation and maintenance in green areas. Some of the many different services we provide for the Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet) and several municipalities are litter collection, snow clearing and salting, grass cutting, toilet cleaning, crash barrier and marker post replacement, and the posting of road signs.

Electronic registration

We use a special GPS-based planning tool for communication and documentation purposes. It is a system that manages appointments and records time consumption and other figures, and it helps us to constantly streamline our working processes in individual assignments and ensure that everyone has access to the necessary documentation, so that our billing and underlying data are easy and accessible.


Peter Cameron
Head of Division

+45 40 59 51 96

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Our services include:

  • Operation, maintenance and clean-up of roads, roadsides and rest areas.

  • Clean-up, alignment, adjustment and levelling of ditches and roadsides with roadside cutters.

  • Mowing, weeding and tending to green areas.

  • Asphalt surfacing, renovation and construction of smaller roads, paths and other areas.


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2400 km bicycle path
5580 km of roads
365 rest areas
2500 tonnes waste

Arkil looks after both state and municipal roads

Monitored and maintained daily in Denmark. The total breakdown is as follows: motorways, 680 km; state highways, 2,100 km; and municipal roads, 2,800 km.

Arkil maintains everything from large rest areas on the side of the motorway to small roadside spots consisting of just two benches and a picnic table.

The total tonnage of waste we collect from rest areas, bus stops and from roadsides.

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