We perform cable work

Arkil digs, lays and installs all types of underground cables, pipes and mains.

High voltage

Working with high-voltage cables is one of our areas of expertise. For many years, Arkil has performed large-scale cable projects for electricity companies in Denmark, Norway and Finland. We have a great deal of experience with both new underground installation projects and the decommissioning of overhead power lines. In addition to open land excavation projects, we also lay cables across roads, bays, lakes, streams and marshland areas.

Arkil has completed a number of large-scale cable projects for the Danish energy supplier Energinet.dk, including the cable connection between Thy and Mors as part of the Kriegers Flak wind farm project. The offshore wind farm development will consist of 600 MW wind turbines and will produce enough electricity to serve 600,000 households.

Electrical supply and telecommunications

Arkil has more than 50 years of experience in performing cable installations for telecommunications companies and electricity suppliers. We are experts when it comes to working with new installations, the repair and maintenance of low-voltage cables, telecommunications and broadband cables.

We use HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling), which is a technique that allows us to avoid excavating. It is used to install and renovate conduits and mains installed beneath buildings, roads and pavements. The method has a low environmental impact and is also used to install cables across waterways. Arkil also works with live cables without interrupting service or inconveniencing consumers, and we reroute cable of all types and dimensions.


We have offices throughout Denmark, which you can contact for further information.

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Authorities management
Arkil manages each project from start to finish. We obtain excavation permits, plan access restrictions and work with the road authorities and the police so that the work is carried out as conveniently as possible for motorists and local residents alike.


Cable installation - Skagerak 4

Arkil was contracted by Energinet.dk and Stattnet (a state-owned Norwegian energy supplier) to install a 700 kV high-voltage cable between one power plant in Kristianssand, Norway, and another in Tjele, Denmark.

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Project period
2012 - 2014
Energinet.dk og Nexans Norway A/S
Contract sum
40.8 mill. Danish kroner


Thy-Mors cable installation

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