Arkil are able to construct tunnels of various depths and dimensions in connection with the reservoir mains and drainage systems used to process the large volumes of rainwater of the future.

Tunnelling is an effective and environmentally sound means of controlling the climate in large urban areas, as it is not necessary to dig trenches to install the large storm sewer mains because a significant portion of the work is carried out underground with a tunnel-boring machine.

Tunnelling can be performed with both an open front ‒ a technique known as "pipe jacking ‒ or with a closed, pressurised front.

We provide services such as ground water lowering, tunnelling with open and closed fronts, and the installation of water mains and drainage systems.



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  • Tunnelling is a solution in which large pipes are laid underground without digging. Arkil has the experience, the expertise and the machinery to complete tunnelling projects ranging from a few hundred metres in length up to 1,000 metres.


An underground rain water reservoir

Arkil is building a 4.1 km waste wastewater conduit near the town of Hvidovre.

The new conduit will collect wastewater from the existing sewage mains in the residential area along Damhus Lake, between the Holbæk Motorway and the Old Køge Road.

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Project period
Hofor Spildevand Hvidovre A/S
Contract sum
245.9 mill. Danish kroner


Gentofte sportspark overflow reservoir

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