Waste recycling centre - Esbjerg

Stürup receives various types of waste, which is sorted, processed and then used in different recycled materials that are sold from the site. Stürup also sells various raw materials from our warehouses, such as SGI, washed sand and tree bark chippings.


Our waste recycling centre is authorised to receive soil from areas classified as urban zones. We see to all the practical procedures, such as reporting to the municipality, analysis and final disposal of the soil. For our services, we charge a set price per tonne that depends on the volume.

We are a registered soil processing centre on www.jordweb.dk, which is used to report the relocation of potentially contaminated soil in Municipality of Esbjerg and elsewhere. Developers who wish to reuse excavated dirt at a later time may also make use of our soil storage facilities. Here we charge users a certain price for each tonne of dirt we process as well as another price for each month of storage. Additional services are available as needed.


Kristian Styurp
Tel. +45 26 88 78 02

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